Who Are We?

Steve March, The Founder

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My name is Steve March. I've been working as an Integral Coach since 2001. I was invited to be on the faculty of New Ventures West, teaching Integral Coaching, in 2003 and became a senior course leader in 2009.

As a teacher, I lead classes around the world in which students create a richly supportive small intentional community within their class. Within this community they engage in deepening their self-development with the help of each other and with customized 1-on-1 coaching from the faculty.

For years, I have observed that this blend of customized 1-on-1 coaching within an intentional community is an extremely potent and powerful support for deepening development. For many people, this blend is even more powerful than hiring a private coach.

By founding this school I want to make this uniquely powerful blend of individualized coaching and group support available to anyone at an affordable cost relative to hiring a private coach year-after-year.

My background is eclectic and a short version can be told as the unfolding integration of two life threads. The first thread is professional. I started my profession life in the early 90s as a software engineer. From there I moved into quality management, process consulting, and ultimately into organizational development. My work in organizational development brought me into the field of coaching. I left my work in the corporate world in 2006 and haven't missed it.

The second thread is spiritual. When I was 23 years old I had a profound spiritual awakening. It was a complete surprise to me. Before this time I was a hardcore scientist who had rejected Catholicism and all religion as a teenager.

There isn't space here to tell the whole story. The short version  - one long and unforgettable night while camping with friends, I experienced myself die and be reborn over and over until I lost count. Years later I would find that facing death is a practice often used in tantric rituals and was considered a way toward awakening authenticity by Heidegger. Experiencing my own death (repeatedly) put everything into a new perspective. All fear of death has vanished. I trace roots of Aletheia to this very night.

Intimately experiencing death awoke a profound and ceaseless inquiry into what it is to be, what it is to become. This inquiry has taken many forms over the last 20+ years. After this awakening I started yoga and meditation. I started practicing Zen, chanted with the Siddha Yogis and received shaktipat initiations. I sat at the feet of most of the spiritual teachers coming through town.

My core spiritual practice today is the Diamond Approach created by A. H. Almaas. I have been practicing in this tradition since 2003. I also consider myself Buddhist and I regularly engage Mahamudra and Dzogchen practices from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

When I discovered coaching I realized it was possible to weave my professional and spiritual threads together. Coaching requires me to bring all of myself, all of my humanity, all of my life experience, all of my compassion, all of my love, all of my courage, and then some.

Recently I was reflecting on a feeling I almost always have after teaching and coaching. When I go home to my wife Donna after a long day of teaching and coaching, I find myself more deeply in love with her each time. My work awakens a profound sense of wonder, amazement, and love. This is so refreshing! I remember the days when I worked in the corporate world. I would come home from work and typically work was still burdening my mind. I remember the terrible stress of the whole thing! I often felt overwhelmed. For me, there was little joy or love in this.

It is my experience that this deepening sense of wonder, amazement, and love is possible for anyone. I don't think you have to do what I do for a living to experience it. I suspect it is even possible for some people to experience this after a long day of corporate work. My life back then probably would have been different if I knew then what I know now about unfolding aliveness.

I hope you will consider sharing some of your journey through life with us in Aletheia.

With love,